Different versions of the on-device firmware can be found in the wild. The list underneath is chronologically ordered, oldest versions first.

To check the firmware version of your device, you can run this command on the first node of your Hex:

grep bigboards /etc/apt/sources.list | cut -d' ' -f3


Version genesis is the first version of the software on top of the BigBoards Hexes. It provides a web-based management console and uses Serf to communicate between the nodes. Apps are running inside an LXC container as a whole operating system. This setup proved not to be the most stable of solutions.


So, we build the app system on Docker instead of LXC. It was quite a struggle to get docker running on top of ARM chip architecture and the Wandboard platform! Docker proved to be much more stable then LXC.


Version ember is an intermediate release, building further upon Docker as application virtualisation technology for our Apps. Ember has numerous bug fixes to stabilize your Hex!


This is our twins release: finally officializing nHex as our new model of your personal cluster! nHex is the same type of 6-node personal cluster but centered around Intel NUC as platform. We have models available with Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors with 8GB or 16GB or RAM per node!!!


From version v1.3 onward, your devices and the Library with its Apps are managed from the central Hive. You can find it at

Also note that we are moving away from naming our releases with code names in favor of semantic versioning our releases. This allows for easier integration with the infrastructure tooling that we use and embed in the Hexes.