Linking your device to the Hive

Before you can start using your BigBoards micro-cluster properly, you must link your device to your account on the BigBoards Hive and also register all it's nodes in the Hive and to the cluster.

Register all your nodes to the Hive

Log in to the Hive as described here.

In the upper right corner of the Hive app, sits the devices button that take you to the list of your devices.

If your nodes do not show up in this list, you still have to register them. Registering nodes still is a command-line process. Open a console on your master node by either SSH into the node, or if you have access to the devices MMC, you can simply click the terminal button behind the first node on the main panel of the console.

From the console run these commands, using your <device-name> and your <short-id> of your user profile in the Hive.

  1. cd ~
  2. wget
  3. chmod a+x
  4. sudo ./ init
  5. ./ remote <device-name>-n2 init
  6. ./ remote <device-name>-n3 init
  7. ./ remote <device-name>-n4 init
  8. ./ remote <device-name>-n5 init
  9. ./ remote <device-name>-n6 init
  10. ./ link <short-id>
  11. ./ remote <device-name>-n2 link <short-id>
  12. ./ remote <device-name>-n3 link <short-id>
  13. ./ remote <device-name>-n4 link <short-id>
  14. ./ remote <device-name>-n5 link <short-id>
  15. ./ remote <device-name>-n6 link <short-id>

Add your cluster to the Hive

Log in to the Hive as described here.

In the upper right corner of the Hive app, sits the cluster button that takes you to list of your clusters.

If you cluster at hand isn't available in this list, simply add it by clicking on the plus button in the bottom right corner and then cluster button that appears. Give your cluster a name and create it.

Click on the cluster's card to get to the details of the cluster.

To link your device to this cluster, open the fan-out menu by clicking the hamburger icon at the right of the header panel of your cluster and push the link menu-item.

A dialog appears showing you a long token. You can copy-past that token either by double clicking on the token and hitting <ctrl>-c or by simply clicking the clipboard icon.

Next, head over to the MMC of your device, click on button at the left that takes you the settings panel. If you Hex is not linked to an account yet, the settings panel will show you a multi-line text field. Paste the cluster token in this field and push the link button. `` The settings panel will show your name to confirm the linking.

If your device is already linked to an account, you can unlink it by clicking the unlink button. The panel will change to the multiline text field.

Add all nodes to your Hive cluster

Finally, add all the nodes to your cluster. Use the plus button in the bottom right of the detail screen of your cluster in the Hive. And then the devices button that appears.

Start typing the name of your nodes in the textfield.

Autocomplete will list the matching nodes.

Select a node that you want to add.

Click OK to add it.

Repeat for all the nodes.