Factory reset

This page describes how to uninstall the BigBoards firmware by doing a factory reset.


A factory reset brings your system back to its initial state. To reinstall the BigBoards firmware, your must boostrap and link your device again.


A factory reset might be useful if you want to run a different operating environment to manage your installed services, e.g. in case you want to


Installing an alternative operating environment is a great way to learn commercial software solutions, but can obviously not be supported by BigBoards!

If you have issues with such installations, you have to seek help via the solution provider's own support channels.

Preflight checks

Before you perform the factory reset, verify that

  1. You have uninstalled any app from your device, preferably via the MMC, if necessary via the CLI bb system purge
  2. Make sure your device in on the latest firmware version by running bb firmware update


To uninstall the BigBoards firmware, simply run

bb hardware reset
sudo apt-get remove bigboards-cli