The BigBoards micro-clusters are purpose-build hardware to fulfill the requirements for anyone interested in, learning about or working with data at scale.

As such your BigBoards device is a true physical big data cluster. It is a small datacenter on its own, consisting of a number of identical nodes.

The BigBoards devices are built around the popular Intel NUC platform or Wandboard quad-core ARM platform.

Single node

A single node in your micro-cluster is a complete computer, incl. cpu, memory and storage. It is up to the apps that you install on top of these nodes, to combine all these separate resources into a cluster and make all the nodes act as 1 system.

You can choose between 2 CPU configurations for the nodes; all the other parts are mostly standardized.

  • CPU: i3 or i5
  • Memory: 16Gb
  • OS disk: 30Gb SSD
  • Data disk: 1Tb HDD 2.5" 7200rpm

If you would have specific hardware requirements, do reach out to us for a custom quote.

All nodes in our micro-clusters are interconnected via a 1GB ethernet network.

Models - Hex and Cubes

While the name of the models refers to the shape of the device, it is also an indication to the amount of nodes inside them:

  • The Cube holds 3 nodes
  • The Hex contains 6 nodes

A single micro-cluster has 2 external ethernet ports that you can use to plug your device in your LAN, attach it directly to your personal computer or daisy chain multiple devices together.

The Cube

Cube The cube is the newest addition to the bigboards device family. It's a micro-cluster holding 3 nodes. It is ideally suited to learn and experiment with data technologies like Spark and ElasticSearch.

The Hex

Hex The hex is the full-fledged, most complete version of our micro-clusters to date. It holds 6 nodes, allowing you to experiment with more complex setups.