Big Data in 1-2-3

To get you up and running as fast as possible, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Plug in network and power
  2. Ensure your cluster is linked to the Hive
  3. Connect your browser to the MMC http://<hex-name>
  4. Install an app from the library

Network and power

Since your BigBoards micro-cluster is a networked electronic device, it benefits from being connected to your LAN and getting power. This means you will have to make a connection from your device to a free ethernet port and your wall outlet.

An external power supply is shipped with your device.

At the back of your micro-cluster you'll find

  • 2 ethernet ports and
  • 1 power connector.


This is the easiest part. Using a regular ethernet cable, plug it in in either of 2 ethernet ports available. Internally, your micro-cluster simply contains a 1GB ethernet switch. So all ports are equal.

The other free port can be used to:

  • either link your laptop directly to your micro-cluster in case you need direct access to the internal network;
  • either link another micro-cluster to your LAN by daisy-chaining multiple devices together.

Powering On

To power up your micro-cluster you simply have to use the shipped external power supply. The PSU can be used for any AC voltage between 110V and 230V, so you will be able to use it close to anywhere on the planet.

  1. Attach the separate power cord to the power supply. The delivered cord is a regular computer power cord.
  2. The other connector of the PSU needs to be plugged into your micro-cluster to power it up.
    1. You can find the power connect in between the 2 ethernet ports at the back of your device.
    2. There are two models of the BigBoards hardware: Hex and Cubes. Each model has a different type of connector:
      • The power connector for the Cube is a round DIN4 connector.
      • The Hex powers supply is a 6-pin Molex connector.
    3. You might have to press the power supply's connector firmly for the device to start.
  3. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. Make sure the deliver cord is suitable for your region.

Once the power connection has been made, your micro-cluster boots.

Is your cluster linked to the Hive?

The first thing to do, is to link your micro-cluster to the Hive using your account.

To verify if your device is linked, login to the hive at and check your clusters.

Is your device listed here? Does in contain all it's nodes if you look at the details page? That's perfect!

If not, follow the guide to link your cluster.


Point your browser to http://<hex-name>

What you see is the management console of your micro-cluster. We call it the MMC. More info here.

The MMC allows you to operate your device:

  • install apps from the library,
  • open a shell to a specific node to run commands,
  • look at the ops stats of your device,
  • link to this docmentation set,
  • directly get support from us via our ticketing system.

How is that for power at your fingertips!

Alternatively, connect using SSH

Every node can be addressed using SSH using the bb user.

my-laptop:> ssh bb@<cluster-name>-n[1-6].<cluster-name>

The password for the bb user is Swh^bdl.

Install an app

The BigBoards Library is prefilled with available app for your micro-cluster. You can simply install any of these by the click of a button.

Go to

Choose the app that you want to install. Click on it, to get to the details. Click on the Install button to install it on your Hex.

And you are good to go!