Big Data made easy

At BigBoards we make learning and working with data at scale as easy as possible. We are also as open as possible about everything we do, have done and will do. In the end, we just like scalable data processing and want to make sure everyone can enjoy and understand it.


We tackle the complexity of learning and working with data from 2 fronts:

The Hex and Cube are two micro-clusters to meet the hardware needs for anyone interested in data. Both devices have multiple nodes for data storage and processing that are interconnected over a network. Only feed them with power and network and you are ready to go.

On top of that, our software platform makes deployments of popular data technologies a walk in the park. Ever installed an application on your smartphone? That is the kind of ease-of-use we bring. Technologies are reduced to apps installed on top of the hardware devices. We will do the hard work, so you can just click and install.


Right now, you are looking at the documentation for the BigBoards hardware and software. It still is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions, reach out through mail (, use our support application or join our Slack community.